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Saturday, April 2nd………….Capital City Masonic Temple

Start 2:00 pm…………….………….……….Fellowship

Start 2:30 pm…….……..……………..Roll Call Dinner

Wednesday, April 6th……….Capital City Masonic Temple

Start 6:30 pm…………….………….…….………Dinner

Start 7:00 pm…….……..…….………..Stated Meeting

Saturday, April 9th………….Capital City Masonic Temple

Start 8:00 am…………..….Lodge Monthly Breakfast

Wednesday, April 13th……..Capital City Masonic Temple

Start 7:00 pm…………………………….Ritual Practice

Saturday, April 16th……..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,….Garcia Bend Park

Start 10:00 am……………………..Youth Order Event

Wednesday, April 20th………….Harding-San Juan Lodge

Start 7:00 pm………….……………………OSI Meeting

Wednesday, April 27th……..Capital City Masonic Temple

Start 7:00 pm…………………………….Ritual Practice




Joseph “Kelly” Dixon (Sabrena)                           Master

Robert W. Leach (Julie)                            Senior Warden

Eduardo Caballero Jr., PM (Jeralyn)         Junior Warden

Eric Schlenker, PM (Shelly)                             Treasurer

Mark K. Laybourn, PM (Alicia)                          Secretary    

Valentino V. Garcia                                          Chaplain

Virgilio V. Manganaan, PM (Tessie)           Senior Deacon

Kevin R. Laybourn (Kristine)                    Junior Deacon

Sean Roper                                                      Marshall

Roy Ridley, PM                                       Senior Steward

Ron Ridley, PM                                       Junior Steward

Tony Shelton, PM (Monica)                                 Organist

Alexander A. Asuncion Sr., PM (Myra)                      Tiler

John Knox, PM              Grand Lodge Inspector for the          410th Masonic District


Happy Birthday to the following 6 brethren!!  May you have many, many more.

Clinton E. Abbott           Warren W. Michael

David L. De Benedetti    Alan W. O’neal

John D. Dunnett Jr.      Robert A. Ward, PM


(Meal prepared by Brother Jay Del Rosario)

Main Dish           Rib Stew   

Vegetables          Potatoes/Carrots/Red Bell Peppers

Bread                  Rolls                                                                                          

Drinks and dessert will also be provided.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.


Stated Meeting………………First Wednesday at 7:00 pm

       Officer’s Coaches:            Loren Robinson, PM

       Chief Candidate’s Coach: TBD by Master


Brothers, welcome to Spring.

On April 2nd, we will be holding a Roll Call Dinner to honor the brothers of our Lodge, who departed this life in 2021.  We will also be honoring brothers who passed in years prior to 2021, whose passing we recently learned of.  Brother’s Tim Scott and Tony Shelton will be preparing a meal worthy of such an event, and I look forward to seeing you there.

We are also holding a Youth Orders event on April 16th; the details of which Brother Caballero will address in his article.  The youth of today are the members of our Masonic Organizations in the future.  With that in in mind, if you have time on the 16th, I encourage your attendance at this great opportunity to support and impact the lives of our youth.

On April 9th, the 2022 International Conference on Freemasonry will be held in Berkeley, CA.  The event cost is $30.00, and an optional lunch can be purchased for an additional $20.00.  Information can be found on the Grand Lodge Website.  If you are interested in attending, please reach out to me so that we can make arrangements for possible carpooling.

Included with this Trestle Board, is a “Member Update Form”.  Over the years, some member information has become outdated.  When Grand Lodge switched to iMember 2.0, it seems like some of our member’s information was lost in the shuffle.  If you could kindly fill out the inserted form and mail it in the self-addressed, stamped envelope.  This will greatly improve our ability to effectively communicate with our membership.

Finally, I would like to thank Brother Jay Del Rosario, who has graciously volunteered to provide us with our meal for April’s Stated Meeting.  It will include rib stew, potatoes, carrots and red bell peppers.


Kelly Dixon

Master  Kd.12682@gmail.com


Brothers, Happy Easter to all!!!!

It’s spring time again and with warmer weather coming, we can look forward to some outdoor Lodge activities.  This next Month, we are planning a Masonic Youth Event for the Jobs, Rainbow and DeMolay in our area.  More details to come from Worshipful Ed Cabellero, your Junior Warden. I’m particularly excited about this event as I’m a Senior DeMolay myself, and it will be nice to visit with the youth of today.  Hopefully, the future of our great institution.  This is why it is so important to support these groups and help them grow, because they are our Future!!!!

Another great, successful event in Lodge history is finally coming back, the monthly Lodge Breakfast.  We had such a great turn out in March, as well as time to visit with brothers & family.  My thanks to the many brethren who jumped in and helped out with either cooking or cleaning up.  As we have all heard, “many hands make light work”.  This event will give us a great opportunity each month, to come together as a Masonic family and catch up.

During this month, our breakfast will be on April 9th, which is the 2nd Saturday of April.  It will start at 8:00 AM, and then continue on until 10:00 AM or so.  Since the Lodge is also holding our “Roll Call Dinner” on April 2nd, we had to move our “Breakfast Event” to the following Saturday.

Among the officers of the Lodge, we have found “Viber” (our new communication tool), to be very useful in the workings of the Lodge.  It’s allowing us to better communicate among the brethren, for committee work and among the officers as well.  We are creating one large group meant for Lodge general communication such as announcements & event changes, for everyone to be a part of.  Then brothers can join other smaller groups, if they are part of a work group or committee in the future.

Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls

Please fill free to ask one of the Pillars of the lodge for assistance in setting up “Viber”. You can send a message to my phone at 916-591-0137 and I can send you an invite to download and join “Viber”. Or you can go ahead and download “Viber” and add me as a contact. Simply, message me in Viber and I will add you to the Main Lodge Communication Group. The App is available for Apple and Android smart phones which most of us have these days. If you are having issues, please let us know at a lodge meeting or event and one of us would be happy to help.

Please reach out with concerns, questions or ideas. Fill free to reach out to any officer.


Robert W. Leach

Senior Warden  Rwleach@gmail.com


Greetings Brethren.  

We are now in the month of April, and time travel is indeed like a blink of an eye. For this month, I have decided to continue to provide masonic insights to get a better understanding of our craft.  To those that were newly initiated or raised at the beginning of the year; it is either they have a better understanding of what they have gotten into, or they realized it’s not for them and decided to just not show up in the Lodge.

Masonry-A Progressive Moral Science

Why call it “progressive moral science”?  Have you ever heard of the saying “if it’s not broken then don’t fix it”, or “we have always done it like that since I can remember”? If we take the literal meaning of words and phrases in our cipher, we find that sometimes they contradict each other. For example, “As all brothers have done, who have gone this way before”. I would say this is not very progressive, for it teaches us to do the same thing our ancient brothers have done in the past.  If we do this, we are going to be left behind.

To get a better understanding of the phrase “masonry is a progressive moral science”, we must understand the words by their selves. Perhaps some of us remember science as our project in grade school, dissecting plants or mixing chemicals in the lab.  According to Wikipedia, science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions, on any particular subject. It is an intellectual and practical activity that surrounds the study of any topic. But why progressive? If we notice, progressive moral science is not really discussed until you get to the 2nd degree. This is because we need to build a strong foundation in the first degree. A better understanding about the subject matter, and more importantly, a conscious awareness of one’s own self. If you know yourself better, then you can view yourself in different ways, and project yourself in a better light. A triangle’s strongest foundation is at the base, this is where we build from and progress from.  Although we can learn from others and follow what they have built, an architect must draw his own designs, in order for him to make himself a better person. The continuing search for knowledge, and to use that knowledge to build a better person, one must know if the building is weak and faulty, he can always go back to the base and build again. A better one this time. This I believe, is why masonry a progressive moral science.

It is my hope that we will continue to build brothers who are proficient and knowledgeable in the esoteric form of our works, so that in return, we will share our knowledge also as well as unselfishly devote our time to guide each other on our journey.  We must use these tools provided to us in order to build our own building, and our “moral, spiritual and masonic edifice”.

Speaking of building, we will endeavor to host an event to benefit our youth order, namely Rainbow for girls, Job’s daughter and Demolays. It is inevitable that our youth are future pillars of our community. It is not only our moral and ethical duty, but it is empirical that we influence their building blocks to ensure a sustainable society based upon the moral and social virtues of our institution. This event will be held in Garcia Bend Park on April 16, 2022, with a start time of 10:00 am.  Some of the brothers including myself, will be at the park earlier to make preparations. We will be serving burgers and hotdogs for everybody. We will also have music sound system, and games for the youth. I would like to encourage everyone to attend, and your support for this endeavor. I believe this event will provide not only an opportunity, but a venue connecting our Lodge’s involvement in the community and other members of our institution as well. We will provide constant updates as the days progress, and with the guidance of our Worshipful Master Kelly Dixon.  May we continue good stewardship and fraternal brotherhood.


Eduardo Caballero Jr., PM

Junior Warden  ejrcaballero@hotmail.com

A Sojourners Tale #2

Greetings brothers and friends. Looking at this picture below in March of 2022, can you guess where I am?

Would you like a few clues?

  1. This Lodge holds some of its meetings below sea level.
  2. The Lodge itself is 4,150 above sea level.
  3. In the past, it has had both Rainbow & Masonic Grand Lodge officers.

As Cathlene and I travel the country this year on our new adventures, I will be occasionally sending out pictures along with bits of history on the Lodges we find on our travels.  Since we are finally on the road now, we will do our best to keep in touch. 

If you know where I am in the picture shown above, just drop me an email at mernst@winfirst.com.

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